Welcome to The SELFIE Foundation. A registered Charity whose mission is helping to foster restored lifestyles to women in transitional situations (shelters and half-way houses) through education, self-care and self-awareness. We are an organization passionate on the advocacy and empowerment of women who have found themselves in unexpected and difficult situations.

For some women who are living in these accommodations, this difficult phase is sometimes a hard pill to swallow with a bitter aftertaste. Internal battles with self-esteem, self-confidence, self-worth, and often times viewed through the lens of their circumstance. Many times these circumstances should be short-lived, but the lack of  mentorship, personalized educational resources, support and transitional assistance is not readily available, resulting in what should be a temporary situation extending well beyond its welcome. Women living in shelters and half-way houses often times find it difficult for them to find and/or keep employment, build healthy relationships, continue education, and most importantly raise strong families, to name a few.

The SELFIE Foundation understands and identify with the needs, feelings and position of these women. Our organization is here to let them know; that we know, and understand – in urban jargon – “the struggle is real” and they are not in this alone; through guided mentoring, coaching, moral support and other shoulder-to-lean-on services.

The SELFIE Foundation is about focusing on “SELF”; helping to build and restore all of its facets and values – self-confidence, self-respect, positive self-image etc. Working with the women preparing them for employment and a seamless transition back into the community through our programs and offerings. Life circumstances may have knocked them down, but haven’t knocked them out; The Selfie Foundation knocks on their doors ushering new opportunities, new outlooks on life, and a renewed sense of SELF.